Get To Know Brendan Harley: General Manager & Barber at ETHOS GSFM

Brendan Harley is a passionate barber with an eye for details and a knack for business. With a newfound sartorial spirit, which can be attributed to some heirloom pieces passed down from his grandfather, Brendan is taking the stylish grooming specialist to new levels. With years of professional barbering experience that has taken him from Bethlehem, Collegeville and now Philadelphia, Brendan is now making his mark on ETHOS GSFM in the best way possible – with style. Follow his work at @bhgrooming on Instagram and of course at @ethosgsfm.

We’ve asked him a few questions to see what makes him tick!

As a young barber, what was the best advice/skills you’ve learned from veterans in the game?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was to take a client consultation very seriously and to envision the best course of action to enhance the personal image of my customer. The second-best advice is to leave the hair longer than the desired length – I can always go shorter, I can’t put it back on.

How would you describe your personal style? And, what has changed about your style since working for ETHOS GSFM?

My personal style is somewhat of a mash between a classic gentleman’s look and a modern pattern and texture obsessed hipster… I love obnoxious patterns and figuring out how to make them work. If there’s something that ETHOS changed in me, it’s how I accessorize. Dusting off the cufflinks and pocket squares have certainly upped my game. I’ve recently been gifted a lapel pin too, it’s been the highlight of my outfit for the past two weeks straight – I need more.

What would you say is your barber signature?

I’m obsessed with hair texture and contrast. At any given time you’ll see me with inverted shears while point cutting to remove weight and channel cutting to promote texture while styling. You’ll catch a few shear tricks, flips and spins when I’m feeling spicy.  

What’s the most fulfilling part of you being a barber/grooming specialist?

Prior to barbering I was pretty heavily invested in pursuing a career in the Psychology realm. I love helping people to find a smile that is buried under the stressors of everyday life. Barbering enabled me to do exactly that, but within a much more jovial and appealing atmosphere. I love this craft, that is enough to keep me coming back day after day.

Do you remember the first haircut that you crushed? How did it make you feel?

The first taste of pride in my work came to me while I was still in barber school. I’ll never forget it. I managed to finesse an entirely abstract and absurdly large design onto my buddy Gustavo’s head in a less than timely manner… I think it took about 3 hours to complete, but man, it felt good being able to see that final product without messing it up. Any doubts my peers had about me left them immediately.