Get To Know Sean Robinson - Brand Manager & Barber at ETHOS GSFM

sean robinson smiling.png

Sean Robinson has spent the last decade perfecting his craft as one of Philadelphia's premiere barbers while cutting heads in West Philadelphia. Known for his passion for all things sartorial, Sean shares his style with the world via his Instagram @ScotchBespoke. Reminiscent of a young Ralph Lauren, most Sundays you can often find Sean on the back of a beautiful horse. Creativity and passion are not wasted on this talented young man. As the brand manager of ETHOS GSFM, Sean is guiding the brand to be as versatile of a lifestyle brand as much is it an upscale grooming lounge -- with his stylish finishing touches. 

Check out his video & interview below to get to know Sean Robinson a little better. 

What made you get into barbering?

Growing up with an older brother, I experimented with a few things like basketball, football and track. At age 11 admiring my Uncle Suran who is also a Barber, with all of the camaraderie, nuances and sartorial influence; led me to pick up a clipper. With each new challenge and adventure in learning the craft, I somehow managed to execute it well on my first go around. And at that point, I fell in love with the Artistry of Barbering.

What are your interests outside of Barbering?

In some way, I guess you could consider me a renaissance man. There are many different things and hobbies that I love doing. From being an all-around outdoorsman, artist, equestrian, and musician and most importantly being a father. I like to stay busy; it keeps you honest and your mind stimulated.


Why do you think a great haircut is important to a man's overall style?

The reason why I believe a great haircut is so essential is that it's one of the key ingredients to complete the grooming recipe. In addition, it's all about your first impression. So aside from your attire and accessories, the first thing people look at is your hair. I believe a haircut can be the cheapest form of therapy outside of laughter. As a result, you'll feel and look; decent.