Corporate Subscription Packages

The idea behind our Corporate Subscription Packages - sometimes you just need to pay it forward. These packages are designed to allow small businesses, corporate offices, hotels, and even gyms to keep employees or members incentivized, looking good, and feeling great. 

These packages boast a varying number of grooming services of the recipient's choice per year. Included in each service is a Cut or Shave, Facial Scrub, Facial Massage, Steam Treatment, Hot Towel, and Neck massage all over the course of 1 hour. 



'The Coterie'

"The Coterie" includes 24 annual grooming services to be used or distributed as the subscriber chooses.

'The Faction'

"The Faction" has 48 included grooming services to be distributed however the subscriber chooses. 



'The League' 

"The League" entertains the largest amount of services that we bundle so far. 72 total services to keep your team looking and feeling really, really good.

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