ETHOS|GSFM is a men's grooming company designed to bring a quality grooming experience tailored for the metropolitan gentleman. 

Is ETHOS|GSFM a barber shop?

We like to refer to ETHOS as a men's grooming lounge. The services we provide are far more refined in relation to the average barber shop. 

What does GSFM stand for?

Grooming Station for Men


What kind of services are offered?

ETHOS|GSFM offers traditional barber services in addition to facials, massage, hot towel shaves, & steam treatments that make it the one stop shop for men’s grooming. Additionally, we offer the finest skin care & shaving products to our clients for retail purchase.

Who provides the services?

 Licensed barbers and cosmetologists employed by ETHOS|GSFM will provide high quality services with high quality products. Meet our consultants here.



Why did ETHOS|GSFM choose Triumph&Disaster products?

Here at ETHOS, we only use products that we truly believe in. That concept stands true all the way down to the disinfectant we spray our clippers with. T&D products allow us to keep our customers’ face and hair clean, kempt, and healthy above all else.

Are T&D products tested on animals?

Humans are the only animals that T&D tests on.

Do T&D products rinse out easily?

All of the T&D hair products are water based, they’ll wash out without an issue. .

What if I don’t like the product that I purchased?

If you aren’t a fan of the product you’ve purchased from us, please don’t hesitate to bring it back in and exchange it for a new product equivalent in value, or we can provide you with a refund.

Will these products irritate sensitive skin?

These products are relatively easy on sensitive skin – everybody has a different complexion though. We always advise that you use less product when trying something new and use more as necessary.


Is the annual subscription non-refundable, even on a pro rata basis?

Our annual subscriptions are indeed non-refundable. Rest assured, if you decide not to redeem your purchased services, they will be donated to Menzfit.

If I miss a grooming service, will it carry over to the following month?

Unfortunately, your service cannot be carried over. You are able to either gift your service to a person you know or donate that service to our charity partner MenzFit

Is the subscription able to be used freely amongst barbers and locations?

Yes, you are able to book with any barber you’d like at any location.

How can I use my bonus services with ‘The Distinguished’ Subscription?

Your bonus services are able to be redeemed for a full-length service of your choice. This is our way of thanking you for being a part of our culture. In the event that you cannot use all of your services for the month, they can be redeemed by a family member or friend of your choosing, they may be donated to Menzfit as well.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time of your choosing. Simply give us a call during business hours and we can move forward with your cancellation request free of cost.