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Men cannot improve a society by setting fire to it; they must seek out its virtues and bring them back into the light.
— Russel Kirk

A gentleman understands that the depth of his character is just as important as the allure of his display. Therefore, his barber shop should also be of such mettle.

SEEG is the social platform designed by ETHOS GSFM to support, enhance and elevate the culture of gentlemen. It brings the gentleman’s ecosystem together to exchange goods, services, best practices and philanthropy via blog posts, curated and original content, product/service reviews; etc.  

Additionally, we will use SEEG as a means to highlight and promote great events that are valuable to our audience; including workshops, networking opportunities, webinars and benefits.  

ETHOS GSFM is all about the business of what we do; SEEG is all about the movement that we are creating! 

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