SEEG Experience 2017

For the 3 days prior to Father's Day, we sent our pop-up mobile barber shop traveling to get Philadelphia gents properly groomed for Dad's big day! Here is what happened...



The SEEG Experience featured location for Day 1 was Goorin Bros. Rittenhouse. And boy do they know how to throw a party! The drinks were flowing, live music was on display via a one man blues band, and master barbers Hassan Whitaker and George A. Bruno served up almost 20 gentlemen with hotel shaves and haircuts! 

The image above was shot before the event started. But within an hour of this shot things were lit! [Photography by Taylor Mitchell]



Day 2 saw us at ToBox Shoes. They were gracious hosts allowing us to set up shop in their brand new space on Chestnut Street. And what a beautiful space it is! Grand, opulent, and plush are just a few words to describe the environment. We were able to rise to the occasion with our master barbers Jesse Almovodar and George A. Bruno delivering a distinguished experience that complimented the lavish surroundings for approximately a dozen gentlemen.

The image above is only a small taste of what went down. Check out the lookbook for the full flavor. [Photography by Angela R. Jacobs]




Our 3 day experience came to a close at Banana Republic Walnut Street. And as we have worked with BR before it seemed fitting. Our host was hospitable and as customary master barber George Bruno closed out Day 3 by providing several top notch services to those gents who braved the monsoon that was going on outside. 

The image above showcases one gentlemen receiving premier treatment from the 'Sultan of Silver' himself. [Photography by Angela R. Jacobs]