How to Pull Off Stag with Swag


The holidays has swiftly come and gone and has brought us a seeming bllitz of must attend dinner galas, unheralded office parties, and extraordinary gifts from those dearest in our hearts. Now that we’ve survived (barely) the exhaustible period of increased consumer shopping and our wallets are feeling a bit more like themselves, we turn our undivided attention to the eve of December 31st. While most of us are concerning ourselves with an affordable alternative to amateur night at local bars and nightclubs and contemplating the age of Dick Clark, a gentleman might find himself feeling a bit hesitant about attending so and so’s rooftop party because he is single and possibly sulking. Rest assured, not everyone in the city is wifed for the holidays and just because you fall into the single category doesn’t mean you should fear the festivities because SEEG is here to give you tips to pull off going stag with swag. TIP 1: Suit up! NYE is the perfect occasion to look dashing, dapper, debonair,  demonstrative and any other 'D' word that's synonymous with Don Draper or Diddy; no matter if you're single, in a relationship or in between. Sport a slim fit dark colored suit suit, a pale colored or pinstripe button down complemented with a skinny understated tie. Shine your shoes and trim the facial hair. Looking your best is certainly the biggest element to presenting full frontal swag. Here's some inspiration.

TIP 2: Singles Unite. Show up with your bros who also happen to be single. Yes a little bromance never hurt anyone. In fact this may help your situation because you got your very own wingman. By gathering with your closest dudes in the same non-relationship boat, you can forget that you don’t have a date and simply enjoy the party.

TIP 3: Strategic mingling. For every single guy at the party, there’s probably three or more single girls. We can’t explain the logistics in detail of this fairly predictable scenario but trust us, it’s not off base. Take advantage of  the odds being in your favor. With your swag is in full effect you can expect to get noticed.  So what are you waiting for? Be the charming (NOT creepy) lad we know you to be. Go and get your smooth off on!

TIP 4: Drink like a gentleman. Just because you’re dateless to the party doesn’t mean you should drink for your loss. Do not in any circumstance drown your sorrows in shots, booze or alcoholic beverages. The more you drink, the more ladies will flock… anywhere you are not. Be wary of how much you consume— drink enough liquid courage to muster up any that may be lacking and not enough to delude you into believing your elementary jokes/behavior is actually amusing. The first hangover of the year might be imminent but shouldn't be evidently predictable.

Don't let being single bog you down on NYE or any day of the given year. Look at NYE as a beginning and not an end; your opportunity to start the new year with a refreshed and refocused approach to building that happy relationship with a new lady. But in the interim, count your blessings every day for the positive relationships that you already have, uh...bromances included. Cheers!