Stand Out on NYE!


Most men might think the NYE party as just an opportunity to throw back a few glasses of champagne, celebrate another year in the books, or do something other than flip through all the major networks watching other people have what seems to be the time of their life. But for some us, and you know who you are, the NYE party is an opportunity to show off our style prowess and stand out among the masses of party goers we will most certainly interact with during the hours before and after the clock strikes. Whether you are the fore or the latter, deep down inside SEEG knows that every gentleman wants to stand out from the crowd (we do not endorse the overly cliche'd Santa Clause hat or 2012 glasses). Therefore we have put together a list of "must dos" to make sure you indelibly stand alone as the most memorable presence at the party. Dress Electric! Dressing to impress is one thing but dressing electric is another. And no we are not talking about dressing like this guy but rather dressing to the level of the occasion: a NYE PARTY!  Of course wearing a suit or blazer is a must. But the thought process behind "electric" is fabric choice. Think shark skin, velvet and satin. These fabrics embrace the tone of the occasion perfectly. Color choice is important too. Consider colors like silver, grays, dark blues, and of course black. If feeling a bit more expressive the red color palette is not out of the question. However, think rich reds like plum or wine versus the traditional. Combining this look with a crisp white shirt, complimentary tie and pocket square, a watch with a bit-o-bling, and shoes with a ridiculous shine and you can be sure your stand out status is imminent. Competition fall back!

Lady...Killer. Any gentleman knows that if he really wants to stand out the real show is the lady and not him. So unless you've been forced to roll stag make sure she looks better than you (Generally she'll always look better than you, but you know what we mean). Having a stunner on your arm can instantly set you apart from the other men in the room and elevates your cool status ten fold. Some might view this as the classic case of  "trophy wife" syndrome. But you and your lady looking your best has nothing to do with her being trophy-ized, but more to do with instilling confidence and pride. And being proud of your lady is essential to being a gentleman. So when you pick up your blazer pick her up a new dress and pair of shoes. She'll appreciate it and so will the other party goers. Win-win for everybody; especially for you big dawg!

Drink like a Gentleman. A gentleman understands the delicate balance that must be maintained in a situation such as this. My female counterpart put it best "...drink enough liquid courage to muster up any that may be lacking...". You should be charming, witty and funny at such an occasion. But nothing will detract more from your presence than stumbling around like an idiot and acting irreverent. You'll stand out alright, but for all the wrong reasons. Instead, pace yourself and drink moderately. You know how much you can consume before you become less than you. Trust their will be a lot of idiots out and about on NYE. Your place as most outstanding depends on your handling the evening with grace.

SEEG wants to wish you and yours continued success in 2012! Make the new year your best! Always!