The Company of Extraordinary Gentleman


What do we mean by the term ‘Extraordinary Gentleman”? If you read the SEEG intro letter on the 'ABOUT' section we quoted the definition of gentleman as “a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man.” And we absolutely agree with that definition. However, when referring to the extraordinary gentleman, that definition would read something like this “a civilized, educated, stylish and well-mannered man who is not only aware of his environment but is sensitive to it; and thusly always endeavors to leave a positive imprint on it.” The extraordinary gentleman transcends the basic definition of gentleman. The extraordinary gentleman has the responsibility of balancing the scales of the status quo. He is not manipulated by fashion trends and pop culture. He does not act on mere impulse. On the contrary, he has a humble confidence in who he is and where he is going and passionately stays that course despite negative outside pressures. He is not always the most popular man in the room, but is often times the most memorable.

The ‘LEAGUE’ section of SEEG is designed to showcase the different faces of the extraordinary gentleman: thier various styles, successes, failures and passions and how these things have all come together to forge his imposing legacies.

Starting January 2012, we plan to introduce the world to at least one extraordinary gentleman every month. We believe these individuals will manifest themselves from right among our very own readers. If you’d like to be considered as a nominee for the League (or would like to nominate someone) send us an email at Please include a brief bio and a photograph of yourself along with contact information.

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Photography by Jeffrey Campisi Photography