Coolest Dad Ever: Tricky Mickey



This is what me and my buddies used to call my dad when we were younger. Not because he was actually tricky. But really because he was smarter than we thought and thus we'd always get caught in our mischievousness. So, in our young and inexperienced eyes, he was tricky.

But now that I am all grown up and can reflect with broader scope on those years up until now, I can proudly say my dad is the coolest dad ever. Why I can make such a bold claim? For three major reasons:

First of all, his nickname is Mickey. Outside of the iconic animated Disney character, who else do you know named Mickey? I thought so. It's more like the name of one of the ancillary characters in The Godfather or The Departed. And judging from the pic I have supplied, I now have to wonder where he got such suspicious moniker (LOL). But seriously, what a cool nickname.

Secondly, his style was uncanny. Again, just look at the picture! Although it is a bit blurry, you get the point. I mean check out the crisp crease in the slacks anchored by the insanely polished black dress boots, the matching black slim tie and contrasting blazer. And just for a little personality a super fine Panama straw hat. Nice! I can vividly remember him wearing a powder blue suit to an event once. "Powder blue!" you say? Yes... powder blue. And not one of those low quality, 8 button suits you get from GQ Fashion on Canal Street, NYC. No this suit was tailored to fit with complimenting mahogany wingtips, matching belt and crisp white shirt. Haven't seen it done like that since. He's toned it down a bit as he's gotten older. But still uncanny style to say the least. "Powder blue" you say? Yes... powder blue. Very cool.

Lastly, his infectious personality. I swear my pops could to start a conversation with one of the Queen's guards at Buckingham palace. It just seems as if everybody feels at ease with him around. He exudes this humble confidence that says "I got it all under control" while skillfully manifesting this extraordinary ability to make people smile. I can honestly say, as a man with a little life experience now, I have only met a few men who possess such a brilliant presence!  Proud son.

So give this man the coolest dad ever crown or you may find out what Tricky Mickey really does for a living!

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