Fall Into These Fragrances

Smell. It’s one of the five senses yet it is arguably one of the most overlooked. Our sense of smell, also known as olfaction, is a perception of odor that our noses pick up. Our sense of smell helps us enjoy life. When we take time to smell the roses, the fragrance of celestial candles or our favorite foods, we take pleasure in their all-powerful aromas.  Likewise, our sense of smell acts as a warning system and alerts us of dangerous and undesirable outcomes. These range from fires, spoiled food, dog doo doo, gas leaks, or even the most illustrious brand of… stinky studs. That’s right Gentlemen.  It doesn’t take a Bloodhound to track a man by scent. As a female with plenty of female friends who talk a lot about everything, if you’re a smelly guy, prepare for a quick goodbye! Yes, it really is that serious. Whatever the season, a true gentleman never leaves home without sporting a sweet scent, that crucial cologne that compliments his fashionable attire and boosts his self-image and confidence. That being said, there are many fragrances gentlemen can chose from and you don’t have to spend a pretty penny to smell as good as you look. Lucky for you, we’ve got a list that’ll turn heads… and noses.


1. Black by Kenneth Cole (3.4 FL OZ, $67.50) was first launched in 2003 and has been turning women on ever since. My neck actually gets a little sore thinking about all the times I’ve turned my head when I’ve caught a whiff of this woody aroma. It is masculine and modern blend that contains ginger, mandarin orange, basil, water mint, nutmeg, cedar, black suede, violet leaves, musk, ambergris, and exotic woods. Remember, black is bold!



2. Cool Water by Davidoff (4.2 FL OZ, $65.00) is for the charismatic and confident gentleman. With the mood of the cool sea and the wind, this soothing scent is for the active man who appreciates life and all it has to offer. With a blend of lavender, menthe, sandalwood, iris and musk, with this cologne, you’ll smell as fresh as you look!






3. Burberry Touch by Burberry (3.3 FL OZ, $67.50) is for the classy man who delights in the fine balance between sensuality and sophistication. This cologne of contrasting elements, tender violets and tart mandarin blended with subtle hints of white pepper softened by the smoothness of Virginia wood and oak moss, is both invigorating and inviting. For the polished, professional gentlemen, the staying power of this Burberry fragrance is bliss.






4. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani (2.5 FL OZ, $73) is sleek and sexy just like the bottle that holds its fragrance. It’s safe to say Armani is killin’ it in the cologne department! Armani Code is the provocative powerhouse of seduction.  It is a sexy blend of fresh lemon and bergamot softened with hints of orange tree blossom, warmed with soothing guaiac wood and Tonka bean. From romance to recreation, Code is your cologne!












5. Curve by Liz Claiborne (4.2 FL OZ, $50) is an affordable signature scent that has a very loyal fan base. Gentlemen have sported this cologne since they hit puberty and are still working their scent in the professional world. Curve gets compliments. Casual, clean and crisp, this scent is a masculine mixture of lavender, Douglas fir, green leaf, bergamot, and vetiver. The Original Curve cologne will never go out of style and will drive women wild today, tomorrow, and the days to follow.





As I stated previously, there is a plethora of celebrated and captivating colognes to choose from. These are the best of the best in my opinion. It is important to remember to not over do it with the fragrances. Too much of a good thing does exist when it comes to smelling good. A true gentleman always asserts himself without overstating his presence and keeps humility in balance with self-confidence. Don’t drown yourself in cologne or the impressions you make will sink simultaneously. The sense of smell is the one most strongly tied to memory. Don’t be remembered as a stinky stud. Look and smell like that extraordinary gentleman we know you are!