Balding? When and When Not to Shave it All Off

As some of you may or may not know, I rock the 'bald head slick'. And have been rocking it proudly for like 12 years. However, prior to sporting’ the “sheeny beaney” (phrased coined by my older brother) I was a full haired young man rocking the high-top fade strategically enhanced by the Duke Wave Kit and the Billy D. Williams 70’s mustache (for the ladies of course). Pretty boy for real!

But like many men, my heyday didn’t last. By the time I was 22 I showed signs of thinning. And at that time I had some decisions to make: whether to shave it all off, try and retain what little I had left, or invest in some hair loss treatment. So since approximately 35 million men (in the US alone) struggle with this very same conundrum every day, I thought I’d help my fellow man out by giving my personal take on how to make sense out of this often times overwhelming issue (I know you didn’t ask but trust me you may need to hear this).

I think the answer to the problem really only comes down to one thing: your head. Anything other than surgery to the dome proximity (obviously) or losing a bet to the homies, your dome should be the only determinant to whether you mow the yard up top or not. You see not everybody has the right head for the bald (or buzzed) looked. So I think it’s imperative for every gentleman to know whether or not he has the goods to pull it off successfully.

Ideally, the right head shape for this look should be round with relatively few imperfections (dents, ridges, scars, etc.). The bottom half of your face (everything below your ears) should be relatively equal in proportion to the top when looking straight on. Of course this is in general terms; for I don’t know of too many people whose head is perfectly round with the face and chin to match. With that being said, the concept you really want to grasp with this look is balance.

Note Vin Deisel. Here’s a guy that is obviously dealing with hair loss. But, whether you’ve seen him sporting the bald or buzzed look; it’s his head that allows us to except the presentation as okay. Jason Statham is another dude who has successfully pulled this off. And if you are partial to the buzzed look, this guy knows how to make hair loss look cool! Other dudes that rock it well are Tyrese Gibson and Taye Diggs.

Now let’s say the landing strip look is your thing. If so, the same principals apply. I can think of two men, right off the back, who have pulled this look off perfectly: Sean Connery and Stanley Tucci.

If you noticed all the dudes mentioned have different facial structures and features. And all have added their own little twist to the general look. But, relatively speaking all them have balance between the top and bottom proximity of the dome. (If you are absolutely sold on the bald or buzz look learn how to care for that noggin.)

Now there are a couple of side points that one needs to take note of. These principals apply to how you look straight on. The profile of the head is just as important to the success of these looks. If your head is abnormally long from front to back or you have the dreaded cliffhanger in the posterior, you may want to avoid this look altogether. Everything doesn’t look good on everybody. Some of the examples mentioned above don’t (and didn’t) look good with a head full of the luxurious. Fortunately, most of the time nature will tell you what looks best. But when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask a trusted friend, girlfriend or wife who has a good sense of style and can be honest with you (even if it’s brutal). Your barber may even be able to help.

If indeed it is determined that the 'bald head slick' isn't your thing, well thanks to science and technology you now have choices as to how you want bring that wig back to life. Whatever you decide to do remember, it’s always about presentation. So present you well!