Street Style No. 001


Philly got style? Absolutely! Need proof? We decided to pick up the Nikon D80 and, in candid fashion, locate the city’s most stylish dudes. And here is who we found…


Name: Omar

Industry: Insurance

Location: Chestnut Hills

S: How would you describe your style? O: I call it classic versatility; to pretty much where anything and where it the correct way with class.

S: From who or what do you derive inspiration? O: Growing up in the Republic of Senagal (Africa) which was colonized by the French, I picked up a lot of my inspiration from watching French TV, Movies, etc.

S: Do you have a signature piece in your attire? O: Cufflinks. I think every man should own multiple cufflinks.

S: What's your favorite place to shop in the city? O: Going back to my classic versatility style, I like Banana Republic.

S: Whose closet do you want to raid? O: My brother. I have a brother who is very sharp. He has a lot of vintage pieces. I would love to raid his closet and grab some of his shirts and sweaters.

S: Is there any fashion trends that you just can't stand right now? O: I hate seeing people where clothes that don’t fit.



Photography by Jonathan M. Jacobs