Street Style No. 002


Philly got style? Absolutely! Need proof? We decided to pick up the Nikon D80 and, in candid fashion, locate the city’s most stylish dudes. And here is who we found…  

Name: Jason

Industry: Facilities Services

Location: Chestnut Hills

S: How would you describe your style? J: I would describe my style as modern classic; somewhere between classic, Italian tailored and Italian use of color is kind of my goal.

S: From who or what do you derive inspiration? J: There are a few inspirations in terms of style for me. One is Americana or American Prep. And in last year or so been impressed with what I’ve seen in Neapolitan styling. I like the way the Italians use bold colors, mixed patterns and just kind of going for broke when putting a piece together.

S: Do you have a signature piece in your attire? J: I think my signature piece is probably the pocket square. I’ve probably got 30 or so of those things. I never go without one and use them in overcoats too.

S: What's your favorite place to shop in the city? J: Really it’s been 2nd Avenue, a thrift shop up in Landsdale. I’ve brought some amazing finds from there; everything from Canali to Brooks Brothers to Bostonian wingtips.

S: Whose closet do you want to raid? J: Probably Nick Wooster. Nick Wooster is a style icon in my mind. If I could have a day in anybody’s closet, that’d be the dude.

S: Is there any fashion trends that you just can't stand right now? J: I don’t like the skinny tie. The skinny tie is not my thing. I wish it would go away (laughing).


Photography by Jonathan M. Jacobs