SEEG 2011 Gift Guide Part One: For the Dudes


Be it that it is the season for giving…and that you probably need some help with this whole "gift-giving thing", we here at SEEG thought we’d put together a list of distinguishing  yet thoughtful gifts you can pick up for each of the loved (and appreciated) ones in your life. And if you want, you can tell them you thought of these ideas all by yourself.

The Father. So what would be a great gift for the old man; one who’s already accumulated a wealth of gifts that include mostly atrocious ties, ugly sweaters and an assortment of “World’s Greatest…” items? Well how about the Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip/Knife? With this finely crafted utilitarian device you give both the gift of swag (the money clip) and MacGyver like manliness (the knife of course). And if that doesn’t sell him on your ingenious thought process, tell him to open a letter or two with it while scrutinizing your little sister’s boyfriend; he’ll get the point (and so will her boyfriend). Get more details here.

The Brother/Friend.  Every man needs a functional means to carry all his personal grooming apparatuses and toiletries when traveling. Enter the Jack Spade Leather Dopp Kit. With its vertical (versus the traditional horizontal) design, it enables a more convenient (not to mention stylish) way to store and tote his grooming tool kit. And maybe you can toss in a beard trimmer and send him a not so subtle message to shave that nappy stuff on the bottom half of his face. Can’t hurt to try. Take a closer look here.

The Son.  If you haven’t gotten your kid an IPad yet, well you’re a bad parent and should feel ashamed of yourself! (Sorry. I think the IPad 2 commercials are starting to get to me). If you have, then you’re probably closer to getting your kid to say “My Dad is Cool!”. Now it’s time to secure that cool status by picking up the Cork IPad 2 Sleeve by Landmade. With its 100% eco-friendly, hand-harvested cork from Spain you’ll not only be protecting your investment but quite possibly be getting your boy a couple looks from the young ladies thinking he’s a sensitive young lad…to the environment that is. Hey, gotta start somewhere. Pick it up here.