Winter Weather Prep: Best Moisturizers for the Season


With the winter season quickly approaching, it’s time to give thoughtful consideration to prepping our skin for the rigors that lie ahead. Depending on where you live, your everyday moisturizer may not be able to perform under the extreme conditions winter holds. So we’ve decided to give you our list for the products best suited to show Old Man Winter who’s boss.


Jack Black Dry Erase. With Jack Black’s exotic blend of ingredients like Aloe Vera leaf juice, Hydromanil and Rice Bran Extract, your face cannot help but get hyped for going toe to toe with winter’s best. They recommend this for guys with dry, sensitive and aging skin. But really, when you turn that corner onto Market Street and feel that blast of downtown winter chilled wind, aren’t we all dry, sensitive and aging? I thought so. Get your tube here.

Keihl's Cross Terrain UV Skin Protector.  The name says it all. This stuff is heavy duty and made the list for the winter outdoorsman; whether it be for work or play. Its wax base has a smooth texture, is light and most importantly performs like you big dawg. After slapping this on you’ll be ready to pull a Shaun White-like all day-er. Read the reviews and pick up a jar here.


Molton Brown Protecting Vitamin LipsaverEver been punched in the mouth? Well old man Winter will be trying to do just that in a few short weeks. Get your bob-and-weave on with this honey, beeswax and vitamin concoction from Molton Brown. This blend promises to condition the kisser for an old school, Black Jack Johnson type multi-round bout against winter’s best. Decide to leave your corner without it and you might be going night-night. Avoid the humiliation by ordering here.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25. Jack Black makes our list again with the lip service they provide within this small conspicuous blue tube. SPF 25 has again been blended with conditioners and antioxidants to protect your (and your lady’s) most prized facial possession from windburn and extreme temps. Oh and this one just so happened to win ‘Best Lip Treatment’ from Men’s Health. Nuff said. I’ll stop talking now. Get it here.


Anthony Glycerin Hand & Body Lotion.  Looking at the ingredients of this super blend from Anthony Logistics and all we could think was “they’ve gone mad!” But somehow this medley allows you to spend the whole day trekking downtown’s treacherous winter terrain and still come home to momma feeling like you just got out the shower. Nice! Get more info here.