SEEG 2011 Gift Guide Part Two: For the Ladies


One can certainly argue that it is better to give than to receive. But better to do so wisely. We here at SEEG have come to your rescue. The crippling, conflicting and seemingly endless search for the perfect, unmatched gifts for the women in your life has come to a screeeeeeeching halt. Here are some ideas to inspire and ignite! For Mom. Moms’ are like superheroes in aprons and their sidekicks are travel totes filled with all their essential gadgets (Tide Stick, wets wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.) to fight off bad guys, stains or germs. Sure they can’t fly but have you ever witnessed one at work in the kitchen especially during the holidays? I swear it’s magic. A mother’s love is impenetrable. There’s only one thing perhaps stronger than it: garlic breath. This extraordinary woman raised you to be the extra ordinary gentleman you are today. She’s tired. I liken you to be comparable to most boys growing up… a handful. Instead of the highly predictable Starbucks gift basket or Pottery Barn home and kitchen décor, give her the special treatment she deserves this Christmas. Reward your hardworking mother (how redundant) to a therapeutic message or facial and body treatments at a local spa. Nothing says “Thanks for being you Mom” than an escape into a world of relaxation and renewal from having arguably the hardest job that exists—being your mom—of course.

For Sister. When you were a younger gent  you probably thought your sis was an annoying, spoiled, tattletale twerp that took every advantage to crush your social life and confidence. Hopefully now that you are both older and wiser, your siblingship has grown to a mutual respect and appreciation. Finally after a series of nuggies, tickle torture, and wedgies that kept you amused until your adolescent years, you were able to fully recognize into adulthood that your sister is a female in your life that will always be there for you. Either way, you learn to love each other because that’s what families do. This year, think outside the box and give your sister some tech savvy outerwear accessories. Enter the AE Cable-knit earbud earmuffs and/or AE Cable-knit texting gloves. These are both fun and functional especially in the wintry weather. They come in a variety of bold colors and patterns and are affordable. Floor your sis with this fashionable find! Get them here and here.

For your Lady. When a man loves a woman… He puts thought into every gift he gives her. I’m sure Percy Sledge, the powerhouse voice behind the 1966 hit love song, would agree. And what guy doesn't want to pull off reenacting the Kay Jeweler commercial, with your own little twist of course (Humphrey Bogart type stuff; ya know, masculine). So, if diamonds really are her best friend, more power to you. However, we here at SEEG think while every kiss begins with “k,” not all kisses begin with jewelry. That being said, why not impress your lovely lady with a romantic dinner cruise aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia? Take in the stunning city skyline through huge panoramic windows with your girlfriend or wife while enjoying freshly prepared cuisine, live entertainment and dancing under a canopy of stars. Not only will she be charmed by your creativity, you will also be enjoying the sights and sounds and sharing the company of the one you love. HOLY SHIP— it’s a win-win situation, go ahead and spread the love.