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Get the Interview, Get the Job: Part 2 (Updated)

So you landed an interview. Nice! Seems the cover letter blurb about your goat rescuing heroics paid off after all; uhmm...maybe not. More than likely it was the extra effort you put into developing that kick butt cover letter that has caught their attention. And now they want to see if you are who they think you are: somebody they can invest...

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The Spring Jacket Primer

s much as I love to layer up and bust out all sorts of woolen goods during the cold months, light cottons and linens for spring and summer are unbeatable in their own way, too. It's a breath of fresh air to finally wear something light after months of being weighed down by heavy fabrics, and when else is a man to get away with wearing a light pink shirt, blue cotton pants, yellow socks, and spectator shoes?

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Spring Up Your Sock Game!

Spring is upon us once again, and this means good things for the aspiring dandy. You can ease up on a lot of the layering that's necessary to keep warm in the fall and winter, and you can finally relax your shoulders and literally feel a bit lighter with the warmer temperatures. Most sartorially important, though, is that the seasonal color palette blasts wide open in the springtime.

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