New in ETHOS|SHOP: Edwin Jagger!


Sheffield, England. If you haven't heard of this Central England town before, you most certainly have benefited from their profound innovations: namely...stainless steel. You know that material  that is pretty much used on everything everywhere. Spearheaded by the Industrial Revolution, Sheffield's claim to fame profoundly increased the city's population by ten times during this period. But as the Industrial Revolution closed and competition increased, this towns metal making prowess began to wane. But despite this towns unfortunate set of circumstances, an indelible characteristic has been left on this unsung town and it's people: craftsmanship. 

Enter Edwin Jagger; arguably the world's finest men's shaving and accessory company! And considering that Edwin Jagger was forged in the bowels of Mordor...I mean Sheffield, you can absolutely understand why such an argument has merit. And therefore you can absolutely understand why we have made such a concerted effort to bring the Edwin Jagger product offering to you. 

You won't find a bunch of bells and whistles with this company. But what you will find, whether you fancy a traditional badger hair brush, a distinguished leather travel case, or simply a premium shaving cream, is that indelible mark that was left on the town from which Edwin Jagger calls home: unparalleled craftsmanship. 

Edwin Jagger Black Bowl with silver rim (1)-700x700.JPG

We are excited to begin offering a portion of the Edwin Jagger assortment in ETHOS|SHOP. But be sure to stay tuned as we plan to expand on this distinguished collection very soon!

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